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Dynamic Hydro-Mechanical Coupling

Modeling description

A water-saturated soil cube subjected to a cyclic load.

Governing equations

Balance of mass: $$ \nabla \cdot(\boldsymbol{K} \cdot \nabla p ) - \phi_f \rho_f g \beta \frac{\partial p}{\partial t} + \rho_f \nabla \cdot (\boldsymbol{K} \cdot \boldsymbol{a} ) -\rho_f g \nabla \cdot \boldsymbol{v} = 0 $$ Balance of momentum: $$ \nabla \cdot \boldsymbol{\sigma}^{'} - \nabla p + \rho \boldsymbol{b} = \rho \boldsymbol{a} $$




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