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Computational Mechanics, Deep Learning, Uncertainty Quantification, Natural Hazards

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Refereed Journal Papers (corresponding author)

*[J1]. Y Guo, C Wang∗, S Yu, F McKenna, K Law, AdaLN: A Vision Transformer for Multi-domain Learning and Pre-disaster Building Information Extraction from Images, Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, 2022,

*[J2]. Wang, C.∗, Antos, S. E., & Triveno, L. M. Automatic detection of unreinforced masonry buildings from street view images using deep learning-based image segmentation. Automation in Construction, 2021,

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*[J5]. Q. Yu, C. Wang∗, F. McKenna, et al, Rapid Visual Screening of Soft-Story Buildings from Street View Images Using Deep Learning Classification, Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration, Special Issue, 2020.

*[J6]. Z. Lai, Q. Chen, C. Wang and X. Zhou, Modeling the wave-induced dynamic hydromechanical responses of heterogeneous porous seabed with embedded pipeline, Ocean Engineering, 2019.

*[J7]. C. Wang, and Q. Chen, A hybrid geotechnical and geologic data-based framework for multiscale regional liquefaction hazard mapping, Géotechnique, 2018.

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*[J11]. Q. Chen, C. Wang and C.H. Juang, Probabilistic and spatial assessment of liquefaction-induced settlements through multiscale random field models, Engineering Geology, 2016.

*[J12]. Q. Chen, C. Wang and C.H. Juang, CPT-based evaluation of liquefaction potential accounting for soil spatial variability at multiple scales, Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, 2015.

Refereed Conference Papers(corresponding author)

*[C1]. Q. Yu, C. Wang∗, B. Cetiner, S. X. Yu, F. McKenna, E. Taciroglu, K. H. Law, Building Information Modeling and Classification by Visual Learning at A City Scale, 33rd Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS 2019), Vancouver, Canada, 2019

*[C2]. C. Wang & D. Wang, Regional Evaluation of Liquefaction Induced Lateral Land Deformation and Its Application to an Urban Area, Best Paper, World Transportation Convention, Beijing, China, 2019

*[C3]. Q. Chen, C. Wang, Z. Lai, C.H. Juang, Integration of Heterogeneous Data for Multiscale Regional Liquefaction Settlement Mapping, 5th Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering And Soil Dynamics Conference, Austin, TX, 2018

*[C4]. C.H. Juang, Q. Chen, M. Shen, C. Wang, Keynote paper: Probabilistic Assessment and Mapping of Liquefaction Hazard: from Site-specific Analysis to Regional Mapping, GeoShanghai, 2018

*[C5]. Q. Chen, M. Shen, C. Wang and H. Huang, Validation of random field-based liquefaction model using synthetic digital soil fields, Geotechnical Frontiers 2017, Orlando, FL, March 12-15, 2017.

*[C6]. C. Wang, Q. Chen, C.H. Juang, Regional liquefaction mapping accounting for multiscale spatial variability of soil parameters with geological constraints, Geotechnical Risk from Theory to Practice, Denver, CO, June 4-7, 2017.

*[C7]. W. Liu, Q. Chen, G. Chen, C. Wang, C.H. Juang, Multiscale random field-based shear wave velocity mapping and site classification, Geotechnical Risk from Theory to Practice, Denver, CO, June 4-7, 2017.

*[C8]. Q. Chen, C. Wang, Z. Luo and C.H. Juang, Probabilistic evaluation of liquefaction-induced settlement mapping through multisacle random field models, Proceedings of the 6th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Structural Reliability and Its applications, Shanghai, China, 2016 .

*[C9]. C. Zhou, C. Wang, R. AI-Mahaidi and Y. Wang, Finite element analysis of beams bonded with end-anchored FRP straps, Fourth Asia-pacific conference on FRP in structures, 2013.

Presentations and Talks(presenter )

*[P1]. Q. Yu, C. Wang∗, B. Cetiner, S. X. Yu, F. McKenna, E. Taciroglu and K. H. Law. Two Case Studies of Building Modeling using Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence for Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response Workshop at NeurIPS, Vancouver, Canada, 2019

*[P2]. C. Wang∗, et al, Creating city-scale building information model databases using AI, QuakeCoRE Annual Meeting, Nelson, New Zealand, 2019

*[P3]. W. Elhaddad, F. McKenna, M. Gardner, A. Zsarnóczay, M. Schoettler, C. Wang, S. Govindjee, G. Deierlein, A Computational Framework for Regional Earthquake Loss Estimation, Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference, Pasadena CA, 2019

*[P4]. C. Wang∗, et al, NHERI SimCenter: Vision & Collaboration, The PEER Annual Meeting, Los Angeles, CA, 2019

*[P5]. C. Wang∗, Q. Chen and H. Juang, Probabilistic assessment of regional liquefaction-induced settlement through multiscale random field models, Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference 2016 (EMI 2016) and the Probabilistic Mechanics & Reliability Conference 2016 (PMC 2016), Nashville, TN, May 22-25, 2016.


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