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Multi-scale probabilistic soil-city interaction

With the rapid development of cities, it becomes more and more important to acknowledge seismic risks at multiple scales (from local sites through to metropolitan regions) and to develop corresponding mitigation countermeasures.

Regional scale seismic risk analyses depends on accurate estimation of earthquake events, regional soil properties, site specific ground motions, structural damages, etc.

In this project, I work on the development of a research framework and modeling software for multiscale seismic risk evaluation. Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA) is employed to assist the assessment of regional earthquakes. A multiscale random filed model is used to digitize the soil properties for a whole city. Ground motions are simulated with nonlinear models to characterize uncertainties of site responses. Then the structural response is simulated by finite element under different ground motion intensities. Performance of structures are then evaluated.


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