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Structural Rehabilitation: Stresses in beams bonded with FRP straps

High strength straps made of advanced materials, such as fiber-reinforced polymers (FRPs), have been used increasingly in the flexural strengthening of concrete beams.

A critical issue known as premature debonding failure is one of the main disadvantages hindering this application. This failure depends strongly on the interfacial stress level within the strap-end region.

It is validated by experiments that external end-anchorage systems have shown great potential in preventing this failure.

However, studies on the mechanism of this technique are limited. We developed a new end-anchorage system developed to prevent end debonding failure. Then an analytical study on the interfacial stresses in a beam strengthened by this system is conducted.

The analytical predictions clearly indicate that applying an external anchor to the strap end significantly mitigates the stress concentration within the strap-end region.

Our paper:

C. Zhou, C. Wang, R. AI-Mahaidi and Y. Wang, Finite element analysis of beams bonded with end-anchored FRP straps, Fourth Asia-pacific conference on FRP in structures, 2013.



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